gladHere's our brand new site. It is better and faster for computers, tablets, and smart-phones.

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NB: Sometimes, the Store will not let you go to the Cart, but return you to the first page. We are investigating what causes this. IF it happens to you, please contact us immediately, because we can do a quick fix – unfortunately the problem reoccurs now and then, all by itself…


December 2017: We are on holiday! For the first time since the start, we are on holiday! Between December 3 and December 19, we will not be able to ship products. You can order as usual during this time, but we are back December 19, and can start shipping.

October 2017: Our Stevia White 2 is now out. We will see if we can re-stock it, keep a lookout…

The store has a whole new look and behavior. Read about the new things here.

The FAQ is here.

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