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About Stevia

steviaprocess.jpgEverything about our Stevia products.

Stevia as replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose.

  • Stevia does not raise blood-sugar levels
  • Perfect for diabetics! It is not harmful for neiter type 1 nor type 2 diabetics, nor hypoglycemics, because Steva neither raises blood-sugar levels nor affects insulin production
  • Stevia has ZERO GI value (glycemic index)
  • It is claimed that Stevia affects the mouth's environment so as to negatively influence the bacteria causing tooth decay, in the same way that xylitol is known to do
  • No side effects
  • Stevia can handle cooking and baking temperatures, unlike artificial sweeteners, and is recommended and easy to use in cooking

Conversion table for Sugar -> Stevia

To replace sugar with Stevia in recipes is fun! But how much should you use of Stevia Green to replace sugar?

There is a conversion table for Sugar and Stevia Green – now in English!

Download the conversion table as a PDF – perfect to print and place in a cook-book, put on the fridge, or on the cupboard door. Download here: 

Read more about Stevia:


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