About our Stevia products


Stevia is the only natural sweetener that does not affect blood-sugar levels, is suitable for diabetics, has zero calories, and zero GI-value, glychemic index. This we found out ourselves after a bit of private research.

Unfortunately, almost the whole world is led to believe that the synthetic sweeteners (aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, and others) are NOT dangerous. Lately, though, the contrary has been proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt. (Although aspartame has been illegal for more than 30 years in Japan... and there, e.g. light soft-drinks contain Stevia instead.)

We trust that each will find out by himself, the dangers of synthetic sweeteners – it is readily available information – and this is why we, FriendlyShop, will concentrate on the alternative instead.

Background on Stevia

There are a few manufacturers out there, but we have found one that delivers both organically certified and the highest quality. And with a shorter chain of distribution, we believe our prices are unbeatable!

The general quality of Stevia, has to do with both the plant itself and the ground leaves.

FriendlyShop has aquired Stevia of the best quality.

The refining process now takes place in close proximity to where the plants are grown, which creates jobs locally, and no need for shipping far away for extraction, e.g. to China.

P.S. Read more about the plant at Wikipedia.

Research on Stevia