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Lip Balm

Lip Balm

These soothing and rejuvenating flavors are packed into a luscious treat for your lips. They fuse the most exotic and aromatic flavors with nature’s most nourishing ingredients, which will leave your lips super soft, supple and feeling renewed!

Jojoba Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, Organic Natural Flavors/Pure Essential Oils, Carnauba Wax & Natural Stevia – All Natural and Vegan Friendly – and Friendly to animals!

Choose between these flavors:

Banana Split
Sliced banana swirled with chocolate, vanilla & strawberry

Berry Bubble
Blissful berry with classic bubble gum

Black Cherry
Delectably dark, sweet juicy cherry

Grape Bubble
Vine ripened grape grabs a hold of sweet bubble gum

Lemon’s envious cousin – blissfully tart!

Mint Bubble
Cooling mint meets classic bubble gum

Orange Bergamot
Aka Earl Grey – a blend of tantalizing citrus fruits

Orange Clove
Sensationally citrusy and spicy!

Pear & Peppermint
Juicy pear perfected with cooling peppermint

Peppermint Twist
Cooling and refreshing lip tingling mint

Pineapple & Peppermint
Tropical pineapple swirled with soothing peppermint

Plum & Peppermint
Succulent plum partners with rejuvenating peppermint

Red Velvet
Rich chocolate and decadent sweet cream. this flavor takes the cake!

Root Beer
From barrel to balm – an old fashioned sweetly spiced treat

Spiced Chai
A complex blend of savory cardamom, cinnamon and vanilla with just a hint of ginger

We hope you are not using any lip balms or any other products with petroleum products in them, like paraffin...

39.00 SEK



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