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Natural toothbrush

Unique Natural bamboo toothbrush

Put in in the compost when used up. No plastic, and 100% biodegradable! (There is too much plastic in our garbage and waters already. Toothbrushes that contains Bisphenol A should never be in anybody’s mouth, either.)

Natural bamboo handle. The bristle is made from bamboo fibers (bio-polymers) that softly cleans your teeth from plaque and discolorations.

This toothbrush is Soft.

NB: The toothbrush is manufactured sustainably and panda safe in China. The bamboo comes from areas without pandas (Zhejiang and Anjui). No child labor, and all workers receive good pay. (There are other bamboo toothbrushes on the market that can cost half as much as this one, but it is then doubtful if they are manufactured sustainably and panda safe...)

The packaging, too, is biodegradable.

49.00 SEK