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Pure quality licorice, loose

Pure quality licorice, loose

For the first time (?) you can buy licorice loose, and refill THREE cans. Powerful but rounded licorice flavor. Sugar free.

We thought it was a bit wasteful to buy cans that are trown away, so we now sell a paper bag with 100 grams or more of the same licorice as in the cans, so you can refill them. 100 grams will fill about three cans.

The manufacturing starts with drying the roots from select licorice plants. The roots are boiled for very long, until a thick syrup is produced. The syrup cools and hardens. This product is the pure licorice concentrate, which is then pressed out into small pieces.

Licorice Extract.

People suffering from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption of licorice.

The Spanish manufacturer SAET has a genuine tradition of making quality licorice products since 1916. They are now the third generation in the family business of quality licorice making. All products are made in the traditional manner, from roots of plants in selected plots of land.

Nutritional Information (100g/35g tin):

Calories 313,15 Kcal/109,59 Kcal
Protein 4,13g/1,44g
Carbohydrate 67,68g/23,70g Whereof own sugar: 13,28g/4,65g
Fat 2,88g/1,01g
Dietary Fibre 15,45gr/5,41g

39.00 SEK



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