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Rooibos Lemon/Mint, loose, 100g

Rooibos Lemon/Mint, loose, 100g

Rooibos – another very healthy tea!

Rooibos red tea, certified organic. With Lemon/Mint – only organic essential oils.

Strong, mild flavor. As fruity and aromatic as should be, with the typical sweet character. Relaxing. Fantastic as an evening beverage. No caffeine, lots of anti-oxidants and minerals.

Very long-lasting!

Rooibos does not come from the tea-bush, and is therefore not a tea.

The leaves are picked from the bush, shredded and oxidized in rolls, then dried. The oxidation process makes the leaves more pungent, and gives them the characteristic red color.

Rooibos has been used for centuries in South Africa as a medicinal beverage. It contains zinc, magnesium, and calcium, but also lots of anti-oxidants (more than in green tea!), believed to prevent the effects of aging. In South Africa, it is also used in cooking.

When making tea from rooibus, it can soak for six to eight minutes, as it does not produce any bitterness. It contains no caffeine, and is relaxing and nice to drink in the evenings.

40.00 SEK