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About our packaging

We try our best to see to it that our packaging first and foremost:

  • Is produced environmentally friendly.
  • Can be re-used or burned in the home, alternatively put in the garbage for subsequent incineration.
  • Don't take up or contain too much space.
  • Contain as little ”print” as possible, as printed packaging often contain environmentally harmful colors and materials.

Then, we try to have them be:

  • esthetically pleasing
  • minimalistically and practically designed

When we ship the products, we try to think in the same manner; as environmentally safe and as minimal as possible, although not in a way that the procucts be harmed along the way. We often re-use larger packaging or boxes when shipping the products – so don't be surpised if you see, say, Stevia packaged in a box that previously contained christmas-lights! Cool


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Frequently Asked Questions

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