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Can I pay against an invoice?

There are several methods available for payment, but all are payments in advance.

If you pay by Pre-pay (Swedish giro/Money Transfer) you get an invoice in an email automatically. If you pay by PayPal/Credit Card, and would like an invoice, you can get that, too, afterwards. Please indicate in the ”Any comment?” field in the ordering process that you would like an invoice.

For environmental and economic reasons, we only send electronic/printable invoices.

Why not invoice?

Answer: We would not be able to protect ourselves from fraudsters. If we would ship first, against an invoice, many would unfortunately abuse this and never pay. The only way for us, is to build trust between us as a store and customers – and ship after payment. We have a very good reputation since 2006, and always ship immediately after payment. Read about how quickly we ship.


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