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Paypal does not work

  • PayPal wants you to get a PayPal account, but that is not necessary.
  • When you pay through PayPal for the first time, you are asked about your physical address. It is not necessary to fill that in – PayPal then wants to ”verify” your address and that usually does not work, or take a very long time. Also, it is not necessary.
  • PayPal does not accept so called e-cards (a special electronic card number that the bank issues for one purchase). PayPal only works with physical plastic cards. The only way to pay with credit card/PayPal is therefore only possible with a real plastic credit card.
  • The alternative is to pay through Swedish giro (Bankgiro) or Money Transfer. If you fail paying through PayPal, you can go back to the store and choose ”Pre-pay (Swedish Giro or Money Transfer)” instead.


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