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About FriendlyShop

We are an ordinary family that jumped off the squirrel-wheel of the big city a bit, and started to live a more healthy life. From Stockholm to the woods in 1997. Then to the countryside in 2007 where we cleared a few small patches of land to grow food on. Now in Åland Islands.

Sugar and sweeteners were the first products we thought differently about. Then food and hygien. So we filled the store with healthy products that are hard to find in regular stores. To move away from industry-food and stress as much as possible!

We try to find products that are hard to get, on our own road to living healthier. It started with Stevia – we bought the ground leaves directly from the co-ops in Paraguay when almost no one in the Nordic countries knew anything about Stevia. Then we found the fluoride- and glycerine-free toothpaste – made in Sweden! Both are examples of incredibly healthy and functional products that hardly any one knew anything about. Not in the Nordic countries, anyway.

We bring to the store only products that we love and use ourselves. We appreciate to learn new things in our quest for sustainability and health.


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